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Development of an open cut silver mine and associated infrastructure.

Reference number
Case Category
Mining and Resources
Page last updated
Commissioner (Panel Chair)
Peter Duncan AM
Other Commissioners
Clare Sykes, Peter Cochrane
Planning Officer
Phoebe Jarvis
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Case Status: Determined - Approved
Referral received: 22/12/2022

Key Dates

22 Dec 2022
Referral Received
22 Dec 2022
Public Hearing Speaker Registrations Open
22 Dec 2022
Submissions Open
30 Jan 2023
Meeting with DPE
02 Feb 2023
Meeting with Applicant
02 Feb 2023
Meeting with Mid Western Regional Council
08 Feb 2023
Public Hearing Speaker Registration Deadline
14 Feb 2023
Site Inspection
15 Feb 2023
Public Hearing Day 1
16 Feb 2023
Public Hearing Day 2
17 Feb 2023
Public Hearing Day 3
24 Feb 2023
Submissions Deadline
03 Apr 2023


230403 Bowdens Silver Project SSD 5765 Development Consent
230403 Bowdens Silver Project SSD 5765 Statement of Reasons for Decision
230403 Media Release Bowdens Silver Determination
230310_Statement From Commission
230222_Statement From Commission
Bowdens Silver Referral to IPC
Bowdens Silver Public Hearing Request
Bowdens Silver Assessment Report
Bowdens Silver Recommended Conditions
230209_IN_Applicant Additional static geochemistry testing
230209_IN_Applicant_Koala Population Survey
230215 Bowdens Silver Conflicts of Interest Register
Workability of Conditions
230327 OUT_IPC to DPE_Request for Comment on Recommended Conditions of Consent_Redacted
230329 IN_DPE to IPC_Attachment A Advice on Hazard Audit_Redacted
230329 IN_DPE to IPC_Response to proposed conditions_Redacted
230224 IN_Applicant_RWC Submission
230216 OUT_IPC to Applicant_Bowdens Silver Public Hearing Day 3_Redacted
Department of Planning and Environment
230309_IN_DPE to IPC_RFI Response_Redacted
230309_IN_Attachment A_DPE Water Advice on Harvestable Water Rights_Redacted
230309_IN_Attachment B_Interpreting excluded works factsheet
230309_IN_Attachment C_Bowdens Advice on Maloneys Road Relocation Timing_Redacted
230301 OUT_IPC to DPE_Request for Information_Redacted
230222IN DPE Bowdens Silver Project SSD 5765
230221OUT Letter to Planning Secretary re Bowdens Silver
230216 OUT_IPC to DPE_Bowdens Silver Public Hearing Day 3_Redacted
230213 IN_DPE to IPC_Response to IPC
230210 IN_DPE to IPC_Request for Additional Time_Redacted
230208 OUT_IPC to DPE_Request for Information_Redacted
230223 IN_Council to IPC_MWRC Submission_Redacted


Date and time
11:00 AM Mon 30 January 2023
Phoebe Jarvis
Meeting documents
230130 Bowdens Silver Mine Department Meeting Department Presentation
230130_Bowdens Silver_Department Meeting transcript
Anyone wishing to access the transcript of this meeting must read and agree to the following disclaimer:

This transcript is made publicly available. Any views expressed by persons who presented to the Commission at this meeting, are not the views of the Commission or any of its employees. By clicking on and accessing the transcript you confirm that you have read and accepted the terms of the disclaimer
Date and time
10:30 AM Thu 02 February 2023
Phoebe Jarvis
Meeting documents
230202_Bowdens Silver Mine _Council Meeting transcript
Anyone wishing to access the transcript of this meeting must read and agree to the following disclaimer:

This transcript is made publicly available. Any views expressed by persons who presented to the Commission at this meeting, are not the views of the Commission or any of its employees. By clicking on and accessing the transcript you confirm that you have read and accepted the terms of the disclaimer
Date and time
9:00 AM Thu 02 February 2023
Phoebe Jarvis
Meeting documents
230202_Bowdens Silver Mine Applicant Meeting transcript
230202 Bowdens Silver Mine Applicant Presentation
Anyone wishing to access the transcript of this meeting must read and agree to the following disclaimer:

This transcript is made publicly available. Any views expressed by persons who presented to the Commission at this meeting, are not the views of the Commission or any of its employees. By clicking on and accessing the transcript you confirm that you have read and accepted the terms of the disclaimer
Date and time
11:00 AM Wed 15 February 2023
10:00 AM Thu 16 February 2023
10:30 AM Fri 17 February 2023
Mudgee Showground Main Pavilion
11 Nicholson Street
Phoebe Jarvis
Meeting documents
Final Speaker Schedule Bowdens v5
230215 Bowdens Silver Mine Public Hearing Day 1 Transcript
230216 Bowdens Silver Mine Public Hearing Day 2 Transcript
230217 Bowdens Silver Mine Public Hearing Day 3 Transcript

The community will have its say on a proposal for the Bowdens Silver significant development application (SSD-5765) at a public hearing to be held by the NSW Independent Planning Commission on Wednesday 15th, Thursday 16th and Friday 17th of February 2023 at Mudgee Showground Main Pavilion (11 Nicholson Street MUDGEE 2850 NSW).

The decision on whether the Bowdens Silver Project will go ahead will be made by the Independent Planning Commission because the Department of Planning and Environment received more than 50 unique submissions objecting to the proposal. 

Commissioners Peter Duncan AM (Chair), Clare Sykes and Peter Cochrane have been appointed to determine the development application.

The Commission will conduct a Public Hearing on the Bowdens Silver Project development application as a livestreamed event at Mudgee Showground Main with registered speakers participating in person or via online videoconference or telephone.

The Commission has access to all previous submissions made to the Department of Planning and Environment on this proposal, so it is particularly helpful for the Commission to also hear from stakeholders about their views on the Department’s assessment of the key issues and proposed conditions of consent. These documents are available on the Commission’s website.

Key issues identified in the Department’s whole-of-government assessment of the development application include: water resources, amenity, traffic, biodiversity, and social impacts.

The deadline for speaker registrations is 5pm AEDT on Wednesday 8th February 2023.

Written submissions can also be lodged using the ‘Have Your Say’ portal on the Commission’s website: Written submissions will be accepted until 5pm AEST on Friday 24 February 2023.

The public hearing will be broadcast live online at

Click here to view the livestream via YouTube. 

Date and time
12:00 AM Tue 14 February 2023
Meeting documents
Bowdens Silver Site Inspection and Locality Tour Images
Bowdens Silver Site Inspection and Locality Tour Notes

Public Submissions

Lue Action Group
00_Cover Letter_Lue Action Group Objection to Bowdens Project_February 2023
01_Surface Water_Shireen Baguley_February 2023
02_Groundwater_Craig Flavel_February 2023
03_Aquatic Ecology_Peter Serov_February 2023
04_Acid Mine Drainage_Michael White_February 2023_Redacted
05_Lead Dust_Mark Taylor_February 2023
06_Human Health AMD Risk_Barry Noller_February 2023
07_Social Impact_Alison Ziller_February 2023
08_Tourism and visitor economy_Karl Flowers_February 2023
08_Visitor Economy Supporting Data_Karl Flowers_February 2023
09_Property Value_Peter Druit_February 2023_Redacted
A C Addison 010323Redacted
Belinda Drysdale 230302_Redacted
Elizabeth Willis 010323_Redacted
Erin Hutchiman 20230306_Redacted
Fiona Evans 230302_Redacted
Francis Pigott 20230306_Redacted
James Pearce 010323_Redacted
Jeff Urio 010323_Redacted
Mark James 010323_Redacted
Name Redacted 1 010323Redacted
Name Redacted 1 20230306_Redacted
Name Redacted 1 230303Redacted
Name Redacted 10 010323Redacted
Name Redacted 2 010323Redacted
Name Redacted 2 20230306_Redacted
Name Redacted 2 230302Redacted
Name Redacted 3 010323Redacted
Name Redacted 3 20230306_Redacted
Name Redacted 3 230302Redacted
Name Redacted 4 010323Redacted
Name Redacted 4 230302Redacted
Name Redacted 5 010323Redacted
Name Redacted 7 010323Redacted
Name Redacted 8 010323Redacted
Name Redacted 9 010323Redacted
Nick Rachel Rawlinson 010323Redacted
Paul Macartney 230302_Redacted
Sandra Steele Park 230302_Redacted
Shane Carlson_Redacted
Vince Daspromonte 230302_Redacted
Chris Velcek Submission 230223Redacted
Rex Plummer Submission 230223Redacted
Rosemarie Arthars Submission 230223Redacted
Earl Grey Submission 240223Redacted
Pamela Dawes Submission 260223Redacted
Name Redacted 1 240223Redacted
20230221164953926 1_Redacted
20230221164953926 5
Adam Kosminski Submission 200223Redacted
Aimee Feeman 220223_Redacted
Alan Dale_Redacted
Amanda Lewis 210223_Redacted
Amanda Lewis Submission 210223Redacted
Amy Reece 210223_Redacted
Angela Davis Submission 110223Redacted
Ashton Hendriks Submission 210223Redacted
B Spencer Submission 150223Redacted
Barbara Gassmann 220223_Redacted
Barrie Thistlethwayte 220223_Redacted
Benjamin Spurgin Submission 310223
Bill Kempton 220223_Redacted
Brian Williams Submission 090223Redacted
Bronwen Gradden 270223_Redacted
Campbell Barnes Submission 200223Redacted
Carolyn McKittrick Submission 200223Redacted
Chand Shiw RamRedacted
Chris Lake Submission 130223Redacted
Christopher G Demas 220223_Redacted
Darren Berrigan 210223_Redacted
Darren Kitchen Submission 170223Redacted
David Denison 220223_Redacted
David Henderson Submission 210223Redacted
Dermot Alexander Wiley 210223_Redacted
Donald Fisher Submission 010223Redacted
Donenico and Melissa Remeo_Redacted
Dr John Chong 210223_Redacted
Elizabeth Loneragan Submission 210223Redacted
Elizabeth M Dray 210223_Redacted
Evan Lewis 210223_Redacted
Felicity Street 270223_Redacted
Fiona Luckhurst Submission 210223Redacted
Francis R Madden 220223_Redacted
Gary Franklin 220223_Redacted
Gayford Thompson Submission 210223Redacted
George Doublesin 210223_Redacted
Gino Castellana 270223_Redacted
Glenn Birznieks Submission 080223Redacted
Graham Morris 210223_Redacted
Greg Dowker Submission 030223Redacted
Gregory Bray 210223_Redacted
Guy HcHugh 220223_Redacted
Harpreet Singh Bhatti 210223_Redacted
Hugh Doug Jones Submission 090223Redacted
Ian Mattila_Redacted
James Murnane Submission 010223Redacted
James Percy Thompson 220223_Redacted
James Stubbings_Redacted
Jamie Agland 210223_Redacted
Janine Modaro Submission 310123Redacted
Jason Adair Submission 210223Redacted
Jason Blomfield Submission 090223Redacted
Jason Wing 270223_Redacted
Jayne Lay Submission 210223Redacted
Jennifer Conlon 270223_Redacted
Jimmy Dejuousku 210223_Redacted
John Dipalo 210223_Redacted
John Fitzerald Submission 210223Redacted
John Oakes 210223_Redacted
John Patrick Gallagher_Redacted
John Sanderson Submission 310123Redacted
John William DarcyRedacted
John William Geisker_Redacted
John Wood Submission 130223Redacted
Josephine Mills Dennis Kennewell Submission 200223Redacted
Kathleen Armstrong_Redacted
Kerry Davies 220223_Redacted
Kevin Alderson 210223_Redacted
Kon Yap Submission 090223Redacted
Lesley Frede_Redacted
Linda Chrismas 270223_Redacted
Lois Bray 210223_Redacted
Louise Windeyer Submission 210223Redacted
Madeleine Cannon Submission 200223Redacted
Malcom Murray Submission 210223Redacted
Maralyn Bennett 270223_Redacted
Maralyn Bennett Submission 210223Redacted
Marjorie DeCaux Submission 010223Redacted
Mark Cof Submission 210223Redacted
Mark Frewin Submission 140223Redacted
Mark Mlinac 210223_Redacted
Mark Petterson Submission 310123pdfRedacted
Mark Qui Submission 090223Redacted
Markus Pluss_Redacted
Martin Breen Submission 080223Redacted
Martin Carver Submission 200223Redacted
Martin Croft Submission 130223Redacted
Martin Grainey 210223_Redacted
Mary Young 270223_Redacted
Maryanne Roberts Submission 090223Redacted
Matt Joy Submission 210223Redacted
Maxwell Lindsay 210223_Redacted
MD Robinson_Redacted
Melissa Lameri_Redacted
Michael Feeman_Redacted
Michael Murray Pheils 220223_Redacted
Michael Radzievic 270223_Redacted
Michael Rupert Marsh 210223_Redacted
Michael Theodosiol_Redacted
Mywhard Au Plessiv 210223_Redacted
Name Redacted 1 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 1 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 1 270223Redacted
Name Redacted 1 Submission 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 1_Redacted
Name Redacted 10 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 10 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 10 270223Redacted
Name Redacted 10 Submission 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 10_Redacted
Name Redacted 11 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 11 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 11 270223Redacted
Name Redacted 11 Submission 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 11_Redacted
Name Redacted 12 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 12 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 12 270223Redacted
Name Redacted 12 Submission 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 12_Redacted
Name Redacted 13 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 13 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 13 270223Redacted
Name Redacted 13_Redacted
Name Redacted 14 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 14 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 14 270223Redacted
Name Redacted 14_Redacted
Name Redacted 15 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 15 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 15_Redacted
Name Redacted 16 _Redacted
Name Redacted 16 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 16 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 17 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 17 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 18 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 18 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 19 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 19 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 2 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 2 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 2 270223Redacted
Name Redacted 2 Submission 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 2_Redacted
Name Redacted 20 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 20 220223
Name Redacted 21 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 21 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 22 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 23 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 23 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 24 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 24 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 25 210223
Name Redacted 25 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 25 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 26 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 26 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 27 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 27 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 28 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 28 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 29 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 29 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 3 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 3 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 3 270223Redacted
Name Redacted 3 Submission 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 3_Redacted
Name Redacted 30 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 30 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 31 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 31 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 32 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 32 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 33 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 33 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 34 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 34 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 35 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 35 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 36 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 36 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 37 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 38 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 39 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 4 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 4 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 4 270223Redacted
Name Redacted 4 Submission 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 4_Redacted
Name Redacted 40 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 41 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 42 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 43 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 44 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 45 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 46 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 47 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 48 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 49 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 5 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 5 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 5 270223Redacted
Name Redacted 5 Submission 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 50 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 51 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 52 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 53 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 54 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 55 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 56 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 57 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 58 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 59 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 6 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 6 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 6 270223Redacted
Name Redacted 6 Submission 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 6_Redacted
Name Redacted 60 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 61 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 62 210223
Name Redacted 63 210223
Name Redacted 7 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 7 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 7 270223Redacted
Name Redacted 7 Submission 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 7_Redacted
Name Redacted 8 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 8 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 8 270223Redacted
Name Redacted 8 Submission 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 8_Redacted
Name Redacted 9 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 9 220223Redacted
Name Redacted 9 270223Redacted
Name Redacted 9 Submission 210223Redacted
Name Redacted 9_Redacted
Natalie Merz Submission 210223Redacted
Nataliya Spaska Submission 210223Redacted
Nathan Lewis 220223_Redacted
Neville Castle Submission 150223Redacted
Nicholas Smith 220223_Redacted
Pamela Dai Madden 220223_Redacted
Patricia Kempton_Redacted
Paul Amanda Parker 220223Redacted
Paul Campbell Submission 210223Redacted
Paul Koda Submission 100223Redacted
Paul Taylor 210223_Redacted
Paula Kennedy Submission 210223Redacted
Paulene Murdoch Submission 170223Redacted
Peta Lockyer Submission 210223Redacted
Peter Curtis 270223_Redacted
Peter Davin 210223_Redacted
Peter Maroudas Submission 14223Redacted
Peter McNally_Redacted
Ramie Camteui 220223_Redacted
Rasal PTY LTD 220223_Redacted
Riawah Sridhata 210223_Redacted
Richard Barton Submission 210223Redacted
Phillip Marsh 220223_Redacted
Richard Charles Sanders 210223_Redacted
Robert Brittain 220223_Redacted
Robert McKittrick Submission 200223Redacted
Robert Submission 140223Redacted
Rosalyn Bray 220223_Redacted
Rosemary Francis Submission 210223Redacted
Ross Hawkins Submission 120223Redacted
Rosslyn Thompson Submission 210223Redacted
Ryan McGregor 220223_Redacted
Sam Reece Submission 210223Redacted
Sam Turnbull 210223_Redacted
Sanjay Mali_Redacted
Scott Boehm Submission 010223Redacted
Shane Noni Buckland Submission 120223Redacted
Sharyn Munro Submission 200223Redacted
Shiree Phillips Submission 210223Redacted
Siarhei Labuzay 210223_Redacted
Simon Leary 210223_Redacted
Simon Strauss Submission 0902
Stefan Basson 220223_Redacted
Stephen Brushe Submission 080223Redacted
Stephen Mark Lucock 210223_Redacted
Steve Grozdamov 220223_Redacted
Stewart Henry 210223_Redacted
Swee Eng Chen 220223_Redacted
Tarmo Rae_Redacted
Teresa Anne Norris 220223_Redacted
Terry Burrows 270223_Redacted
Tony Wright Submission 080223Redacted
Veronica Burns 270223_Redacted
Walter Brunner Submission 130223Redacted
Wanda Gall 270223_Redacted
Warren DelGrande 210223_Redacted
Wendy Mirande 210223_Redacted
Will Harrison Submission 090223Redacted
William Somerville 210223_Redacted
William Keating 210223_Redacted
IPC 17 February Anthony McClure Speech Final
IPC 15 February Anthony McClure Speech Final
Bowdens Silver RWC Speech Day 3 17 Feb 2023 FINAL
Bowdens Silver RWC Public Hearing Presentation 15 February 2023 V3 with notes
Applicant Presentation Bowdens Silver RWC 15 February 2023 Nicholas Warren
Applicant Presentation Bowdens Silver 15 February 2023
Bronwyn Wannan Speaker Presentation
Carolyn Barlow Speaker Notes
Derek Finter Speaker Notes
Jayne Bentivoglio Speaker Presentation
Lyn Coombe Speaker Notes_Redacted
Mudgee District Environment Group Speaker Notes
Professor Mark Taylor Submission 23 Feb 2023
Professor Mark Taylor Submission Interim Report for Dust Monitoring at Rylstone Olive Press
Professor Mark Taylor Submission LAG Report
Sonia Christie Speaker Notes _Redacted
Tom Combes Speaker Notes
Michael Southan Australian Olive Industry Bowdens Public Hearing
Phil English IPC Presentation 16 Feb 2023
Shireen Baguley Speaker Presentation
Craig Flavel IPC Presentation Hydrogeology v41
Michael White Speaker Presentation
Barry Noller Presentation IPC 15 Feb 2023
Chris Pavich Speaker Presentation
Tom Combes Speaker Presentation
Mick Boller presentation
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