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How will the Commission take my submission into account?

The Independent Planning Commission’s public submission process is critical in helping the panel to understand the individual and collective impacts of a proposed development. It is a necessary part of the Commission’s process of independently determining each development application on its individual merits, and based on legislation and current government policy. 

Although the panel has access to the public submissions made to the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure (DPHI) during its exhibition of a proposed development, the Commission’s public submission process is the only opportunity for the community and interested experts to provide specific information directly to the decision makers that responds to DPHI’s assessment report and any recommended conditions of consent. 

Issues, concerns, and substantive arguments raised in written submissions and at public meetings or hearings are considered by the panel against relevant legislation, policy, and planning instruments. Submissions will also be analysed as a whole to better understand the issues of most concern to the community.  

The Commission is required by law to explain how it took the community’s views into account in its Statement of Reasons, which is published at the time of determination.  

For more information, see our Public Submissions Guidelines



Make a Submission

We recognise the importance of community participation in our decision-making process. Using our ‘Make a submission’ form is the easiest way for you to make a submission on cases currently before the Commission.

Make a Submission