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Purpose and values

The Commission’s Strategic Plan sets out its role, functions, values, and performance measures. It guides the Commission as we seek to undertake our functions and role in such a way that builds certainty and confidence in the decisions we make.


The purpose of the Independent Planning Commission is to provide high quality determinations and advice that meet the objectives of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, build and maintain trust in the NSW planning system, and deliver on the following objectives:

  • independent and objective decision making
  • openness and transparency in the operations of the Commission
  • delivering robust and timely determinations within the legislative and government policy framework to best serve the people of NSW
  • encouraging effective community and stakeholder participation to inform Commission determinations and advice.


The Commission’s values are reflected in the way its members and staff act and carry out their duties. Our values are: 


Commissioners are independent and objective in the decisions they make and advice they provide. The Office of the Independent Planning Commission is separate from other government departments and agencies.


Our processes are undertaken with a high degree of openness and transparency and in line with ethical conduct.


We encourage and facilitate stakeholder participation in decision-making processes and in providing feedback on our policies and procedures.


The Commission makes fair, timely and robust decisions, and instils a work culture of excellence and continuous improvement.


The Commission delivers timely determinations within the legislative and government policy framework to serve the people of NSW.

Make a Submission

We recognise the importance of community participation in our decision-making process. Using our ‘Make a submission’ form is the easiest way for you to make a submission on cases currently before the Commission.

Make a Submission