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What we don't do

There are some things we don't do

The Independent Planning Commission’s primary role is to determine complex and contentious state significant development applications. We also provide advice on planning matters when requested by the Minister for Planning or the Planning Secretary.
In exercising our functions, there are certain things we don’t do:
Make policy

The Commission has no policy-making function and the scope of its decision making is bound by legislation and guided by government policy.

Consider the reputation of an applicant or whether they are a ‘fit and proper person’

The Commission’s determination only relates to the proposed use of the relevant land.

Undertake whole-of-government assessments

This is done by the Planning Secretary on behalf of the Commission. This arrangement is recognised by the Minister in the Statement of Expectations for the Commission.

Enforce conditions of consent

The Commission has no role in enforcing conditions but will always aim to impose conditions that work in practice.








Make a Submission

We recognise the importance of community participation in our decision-making process. Using our ‘Make a submission’ form is the easiest way for you to make a submission on cases currently before the Commission.

Make a Submission