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IPC granted extension to consider Commonwealth report on Glendell Continued Operations

Posted: 25.07.2022

The Independent Planning Commission (IPC) has been granted an additional time extension from the Planning Secretary for the ongoing determination of the Glendell Continued Operations Project (SSD 9349).


The IPC was previously granted an extension to consider additional information relating to the heritage impacts of the proposed coal mine project.


During that extension period, the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment (DAWE) provided the Commission with a report on Aboriginal heritage that was prepared under Section 10(4) of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Protection Act 1984 (Cth) for the Commonwealth Minister’s consideration. DAWE also informed the Commission that the Traditional Owners gave consent to the report being provided on the condition that it must not be made public by the Commission.


As outlined in our Transparency Policy, the Commission aims to maximise the transparency of its processes. This includes allowing the public to see the material that the decision makers see, with a very limited basis for exceptions. Given this report has now been made available to the Commission and would be relevant to its deliberations, it has been accepted for consideration but may not be published on the IPC website due to the confidentiality conditions set by the Commonwealth.


The report was already available to Glencore as the applicant, and the Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) acting on behalf of members of the Plains Clan of the Wonnarua People (PCWP). The Commission has also been requested by Glencore to consider other materials related to the report provided by DAWE, with the same level of confidentiality afforded to that report. This request is under consideration.


As a result of these developments, the Commission has asked the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) to undertake further assessment with respect to the report, and has been granted an extension of the deadline for the determination of this case, being six weeks after DPE provides its assessment to the Commission.


The Commission’s letter to the Secretary requesting the extension, the Department’s response granting the extension and the Commission’s request to the Department to undertake further assessment can be found at the following links


220720_OUT_Letter to Secretary seeking extension

220722_IN_DPE grant extension to consider DAWE Report

220725_OUT_Letter to DPE re Leo Report

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