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$128-million Trinity Grammar School redevelopment wins conditional approval

Posted: 24.09.2021

The state’s Independent Planning Commission has imposed strict conditions on its approval of a multimillion-dollar redevelopment of Trinity Grammar School in Sydney’s inner west.

The Council of Trinity Grammar School sought development consent for the $127.7-million redevelopment of its Summer Hill campus, involving:

A whole-of-government assessment undertaken by the Department of Planning, Industry & Environment concluded the proposed redevelopment was approvable subject to conditions; however, the Commission is the consent authority for the state significant development application because the Department received more than 50 ‘unique’ public objections.

Commissioners Adrian Pilton (Panel Chair), Wendy Lewin and Dr Sheridan Coakes were appointed to consider the application and make a final decision. The Commissioners met with the Applicant,
Department, Inner West Council, as well as a number of community stakeholders. They also undertook a virtual site inspection.

Concerns were raised with the Panel in relation to student numbers, the size and scale of the development, traffic congestion and safety, community use of school facilities, and impacts on amenity, streetscape, heritage and the character of the neighbourhood.

After carefully considering all the evidence, the Commission has today (Friday 24 September 2021) determined to grant deferred commencement consent to the Application, concluding the “Project
will provide a range of public benefits, including new education facilities, construction and operational jobs, and upgraded car parking and drop-off facilities to alleviate traffic congestion on the surrounding road network.”

It noted: “The Commission also finds the impacts of the Project - when weighed against the objects of the [Environmental Planning & Assessment] Act, [Ecologically Sustainable Development] principles and benefits of the Project - are acceptable and can be reasonably and satisfactorily avoided, mitigated and managed through conditions.”

But there are some outstanding hurdles the Applicant will have to overcome before it can commence works on the redevelopment.

“The deferred commencement conditions imposed by the Commission require the Applicant to submit amended architectural and landscape plans to address the Commission’s findings in relation to built form, heritage, landscaping and character,” the Commission’s Statement of Reasons for Decision reads.

Any amendments to the design will be required to be undertaken to the satisfaction of the consent authority.

The Commission’s Statement of Reasons for Decision is available here: 

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