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Commissioner (Panel Chair)
Dianne Leeson
Other Commissioners
Wendy Lewin
Planning Officer
Brad James
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Case Status: Advice finalised
Referral received: 17/04/2020


149 Livingstone Ave Pymble Advice Report
DPIE Referral Letter
DPIE Gateway Review Justification Assessment Report
A1 Heritage assessment Ann Warr
A2 Heritage assessment Chris Betteridge
A3 Council heritage assessment Andreana Kennedy
A4 Considering New Information DFP Planning Consultants
A5 Peer review of DFP Report Paul Davies
A6 Peer review of DFP Report Stephen Davies
B1 Planning Proposal
B2 Gateway Determination Report 300619
B3 Signed Gateway 300619
B3 Signed Gateway 300619
C1 Kuringgai Council Request for Gateway Review 20092019
C2 Email Kuringgai Council Request for Gateway Review
C3 Ordinary Meeting of Council 170919 Minutes and Actions
D Interim Heritage Order 080518
E1 Land and Environment Court Goldfields PL v Kuringgai Council 13092019
E2 Land and Environment Court Annexure A Conditions of Consent 13092019
200506 IN Correspondence from the Minister_Redacted
200511 IN Correspondence from Council_Redacted


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