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Commissioner (Panel Chair)
Adrian Pilton
Other Commissioners
Soo-Tee Cheong
Planning Officer
Heather Warton
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Case Status: Determined - Approved
Referral received: 12/05/2020


200615 Eastern Creek SSD 5175 MOD 5 SSD 8858 Statement of Reasons
200615 Consent Notice SSD 8858
200615 SSD 5175 MOD 5 Instrument of Approval
DPIE Letter of Referral
DPIE Final Assessment Report
Draft Consolidated Consent 5175 up to MOD 5 SSD5175
SSD 5175 MOD 5 draft conditions
SSD 8858 draft conditions
Eastern Creek Site Inspection notes
200527 Eastern Creek Applicant letter_Redacted
Attachment A Footbridge Structural Drawings
Attachment B Additional Landscape Sections
Attachment C Land Ownership Map
Attachment D SAS
ECQ Stage 2 IPC Response
DPIE Letter to IPC
200527 Eastern Creek Department Letter_Redacted
200610 Email from Department extra infomation WSP SEPP clauses
IN 200610 Email from Department final comments on draft conditions
IN 200610 Email from Department response to IPCs conditions
OUT 200609 Email to Department consider Draft Conditions
OUT 200610 Email to Department re refinement of draft Conditions
200527 Eastern Creek Council letter_Redacted
200502 Council Letter Response to IPC


Date and time
12:00 AM Wed 03 June 2020
Heather Warton
Date and time
1:30 PM Tue 02 June 2020
Heather Warton
Meeting documents
Eastern Creek Meeting with Applicant Agenda 2 June 2020
Applicant Transcript
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This transcript is made publicly available. Any views expressed by persons who presented to the Commission at this meeting, are not the views of the Commission or any of its employees. By clicking on and accessing the transcript you confirm that you have read and accepted the terms of the disclaimer.
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