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The Next Generation (NSW) Pty Ltd (The Next Generation) proposes to develop an energy from waste facility within the Eastern Creek Industrial Estate

Reference number
SSD 6236
Case Category
Page last updated
Commissioner (Panel Chair)
Robyn Kruk AO
Other Commissioners
Peter Duncan AM, Tony Pearson
Planning Officer
Matthew Todd Jones
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Case Status: Determined - Refused
Referral received: 11/04/2018


Update letter for IPC website 3 June 2022
Update letter for IPC website 13 April 2022
Update letter for IPC website 8 March 2022
210902 DPIE re Next Generation Pty Ltd v IPC
Update letter post direction hearing 30 June 2021
210525DPIE re Next Generation Pty Ltd v IPC
210519Livestream of LE Court Merits Appeal proceedings
210330Letter to objectors
210128 Letter to objectors
200403Notice to objectors re Next Gen v IPC SSD 6236
Redacted Letter re Next Gen SSD 6236 for IPC website
Instrument of Refusal Eastern Creek Energy from Waste SSD 6236
Statement of Reasons
Update on the Conciliation Conference
Redacted Letter re Next Gen SSD 6236 for IPC website
Appendix A Instrument of Refusal
Appendix B Considerations Under Section 415
Appendix C Consideration of Environmental Planning Instruments
Appendix D Environmental Impact Statement
Appendix E Submissions
Appendix F Amended EIS
Appendix G Response to Submissions on Amended EIS
Appendix H Registered Lobbyist Disclosure
Appendix I Independent Technical Reviews
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Eastern Creek Blacktown City Council Meeting Minutes 1452018
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Eastern Creek Department Briefing Minutes 1242018
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180205 EFW 702 Prof McCabe Transcript
Attachment 1
Attachment 3 European Commission The role of wastetoenergy in the
Blacktown City Council
Submission Amended EIS Appendix 1 Blacktown City Council submission to DoPE amended EIS SSD 6236
Submission Parliamentry Inquiry Blacktown City Council efw submission to parliamentary committee inquiry
Submission Response to Submissions RTS A1DD380009
Eastern Creek Applicant Briefing Minutes 252018
TNG_Project Update_8Feb2017
Eastern Creek Public Meeting Minutes 1452018
Response to DPE Recommendation Final 21052018
TNG_IPAC Response to Clarification Floc 07 June 2018
TNG_IPAC Supplementary Information 07 June 2018_
Eastern Creek EfW Facility Additional Applicant Information Request 2352018
Response to Request for Clarification 25 May 2018
Eastern Creek EfW Facility Applicant Response 462018
DPE Response to IPCN Additional Information Request 1462018
Eastern Creek EfW Facility Additional Information Request 2252018
Eastern Creek EfW Facility Letter to DPE Additional Information Request 2352018
Eastern Creek EfW Facility Response from DPE Additional Information Request 3152018
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Jacfin Energy from Waste Proposal 12 June 2018
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Rob Vail
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Trish Squillari
Valorie Phelp
Venesa Watson
Yvonne Gordon Reynolds


Date and time
9:00 PM Mon 14 May 2018
Rooty Hill RSL
55 Sherbrooke Street Rooty Hill NSW 2766
Aaron Brown 02 9383 2112

The meeting will be open to the public to observe the proceedings, 

however if you would like to apply to speak at the meeting you must register before 5 pm on 8th May 2018, by:

Completing the Registration Form and emailing it to We will then notify you if your request to speak has been accepted.  

Because we know some people find public speaking trying, and there will be others who cannot attend on the day, we will accept written comments up to one week after the public meeting. Written comments are weighed the same as spoken presentations.

For further details, please see the Notice for the Public meeting.

From 1 March 2018, the Commission is legislatively required to publish an audio recording or written transcript of public meetings. This meeting will be recorded, with a written transcript published on the Commission's website. Personal information will be managed in accordance with the Commission's Privacy Statement.

Any updates about the meeting will be published on this webpage and will be emailed to registered speakers before the meeting.

If you have any questions about the public meeting process or Commission's role with the project, please contact the officer assisting the Commission, Matthew Todd-Jones (02) 9383 2100

Date and time

Anyone wishing to access the transcript of this meeting must read and agree to the following disclaimer:

This recording is made publicly available, as required by, and in accordance with clause 25 of Schedule 2 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act.  Any views expressed by persons who presented to the Commission at this meeting, are not the views of the Commission or any of its employees.

To confirm that you have read the disclaimer and to view the transcript click here.

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