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Review of the Gateway Determination for Planning Proposal (PP-2022-2712) seeking to identify the properties at 115, 117, 119, 121, 123, 125, 131 and 133 Holt Avenue, Cremorne as local heritage items under the North Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2013.

Reference number
Case Category
Request for Advice
Page last updated
Commissioner (Panel Chair)
Peter Williams
Other Commissioners
Planning Officer
Brad James
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Case Status: Advice finalised
Referral received: 08/02/2023

Key Dates

08 Feb 2023
Referral Received
17 Feb 2023
Site Inspection
23 Feb 2023
Meeting with Council
23 Feb 2023
Meeting with DPE
09 Mar 2023
Advice Finalised


230309 Advice Report
230302 IN Council Comment_Redacted
Department of Planning and Environment
230223 OUT DPE Question on Notice
230224 IN DPE Response to Question on Notice
Holt Avenue Cremorne Pty Ltd
230222 IN Holt Avenue Cremorne Pty Ltd to IPC Submission Amended Heritage Assessment 240123Redacte
230223 IN Holt Avenue Cremorne Pty Ltd to IPC Submission_Redacted
Attachment A 2022 NSWLEC 1428_GR202222
Attachment B Council Report 14 November 2022
Attachment C Ltr to DPE re Holt Ave PP 10102022
Attachment Council Letter to North Sydney Council
Attachment Cover IPC Holt Avenue letter Nov 2022
Attachment D NSLPP Minutes 13 July 2022
Attachment E Helm No 18 Pty Ltd v NSC 2022 NSWLEC1406
Attachment F Council Resolution 24 January 2022
Attachment G1 Heritage Assessment Urbis
Attachment G2 HIS Nos 115119 Holt Avenue Weir Phillips
Attachment G3 Holt Ave 115119 Revised Heritage Assessment J Oultram
Attachment G4 Heritage Assessment Oultram October 2022
Attachment G5 Heritage Assessment City Plan November 2022
Attachment Gateway Gateway Determination Holt Avenue Cremorne
Attachment Gateway Report Gateway Determination Report
Attachment Justification Summary of Justification
Attachment Proposal Planning Proposal Holt Avenue Heritage
IPC Report GR202222
Letter to IPC GR202222v2
Cremorne Holt St Conflict of Interest Register


Date and time
3:45 PM - 4:45 PM Thu 23 February 2023
Meeting documents
230223 _ Gateway Review Holt Avenue Cremorne Council Meeting transcript
Date and time
9:20 AM Thu 23 February 2023
Meeting documents
230223 Gateway Review Holt Avenue Cremorne Department Meeting Department Presentation
230223 _ Gateway Review Holt Avenue Cremorne Department Meeting transcript
Date and time
10:30 AM Fri 17 February 2023
Brad James
Meeting documents
230217 Holt Avenue Cremorne Gateway Review Site Inspection Notes and Images
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