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Commissioner (Panel Chair)
Chris Wilson
Other Commissioners
Planning Officer
Brad James
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Case Status: Advice finalised
Referral received: 07/04/2020


30 to 62 Barcom Avenue Darlinghurst Advice Report
DPIE Referral Letter
DPIE Gateway Review Justification Assessment Report
Attachment A1 Planning Proposal 3062 Barcom Avenue Darlinghurst
Attachment A2 Ethos Urban Planning Proposal
Attachment A3 Appendix A Urban Design Study and Concept Design
Attachment A4 Appendix B Coworking Space Economic Report
Attachment A5 Appendix C Statement of Heritage Impact
Attachment A6 Appendix D Traffic and Parking Impact Assessment Report
Attachment A7 Appendix E Work inc Business Strategy Paper March 2017
Attachment B Gateway Determination and Letter 11719
Attachment C NCC 2019 Volume 1
Attachment D Intergovernmental Agreement
Attachment E Department s Gateway Determination Assessment Report
Attachment F Notice of intent from Council to request gateway Review
Attachment G1 Gateway Review Application Form
Attachment G2 Gateway review request justification
Attachment G3 Email correspondence
Attachment G4 background information
Attachment G5 Table of current building with NABERS
Attachment G6 Councils performance standard pathways project
Attachment H Proponent s Submission


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