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Case Category
Urban Development
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Commissioner (Panel Chair)
Mary O'Kane
Other Commissioners
Ilona Millar, Ross Carter
Planning Officer
Alana Jelfs
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Case Status: Determined - Refused
Referral received: 20/06/2018


Statement from the Commission
210115 West Culburra
Amended Application including revised EIS
Environmental Impact Statement Rev 0 4 Nov Final
Appendix 1 Concept Plan
Appendix 2 Survey Plan
Appendix 3 Deposited Plan 1065111
Appendix 4 Capital Investment Value Report
Appendix 5 DGRs Director General Environmental Assessment Requirements
Appendix 6 SCC Owners Consent for Part Lot 1 DP 631825
Appendix 7 Previous Concept Plan
Appendix 8 Comparison of Amended and Previous Concept Plans
Appendix 9 Staging of Concept Plan
Appendix 10 Staged Delivery of Concept Plan
Appendix 11 Indicative aerial interpretation of Proposal
Appendix 12 Bushfire Protection Assessment Report
Appendix 13 Addendum Odour Assessment Report
Appendix 14 Approved Subdivision Plan SF10662
Appendix 15 Integrated Water Cycle Management Strategy
Appendix 16 Flood Impact Assessment
Appendix 17 Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment
Appendix 18 Supplementary Report to Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment
Appendix 19 European Heritage Assessment
Appendix 20 Ecological Riparian Issues Assessment Report
Appendix 21 Updated Biodiversity Offset Assessment Report
Appendix 22 Aquatic Ecology Assessment Report
Appendix 23 Geotechnical Acid Sulfate Soils Assessment Report
Appendix 24 Stage 1 Site Contamination assessment Report
Appendix 25 Transport and Accessibility Impact Assessment Report
Appendix 26 Bus Route Plan
Appendix 27 Shared Footpath Plan
Appendix 28 Landscape Concept Plan
Appendix 29 Infrastructure Assessment Report
Appendix 30 Preliminary Engineering Plans
Appendix 31 Ecologically Sustainable Development Assessment
Appendix 32 West Culburra Beach Economic Impact Assessment
Appendix 33 Height of Buildings Proposed for Approval
Appendix 34 Asset Protection Zone Plan
Appendix 35 Statement of Commitments Mitigation Measures
Statement of Reasons West Culburra Concept Proposal SSD 3846 Final
Instrument of Refusal West Culburra Concept Proposal SSD 3486
181017 West Culburra refusal
Referral Letter
Assessment Report1
Appendix A Draft Instrument of Refusal
Appendix B Consideration of Environmental Planning Instruments
Appendix C Environmental Assessment
Appendix D Response to Submissions
Appendix E Supplementary Response to Submissions
Appendix F Submissions on EA RTS SRTS
Appendix G Gateway Determination for Planning Proposal
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Review West Culburra Concept Proposal
West Culburra Concept Proposal Request for extension of time to respond to the UNSW WRL Independent Review
20180927IPCResponse to UNSW Indpendent Review
Proposed West Culburra Residential Development Response to UNSW WRL Review Matters of Merit Martens Review
Response to UNSW WRL review
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Review West Culburra Concept Proposal
West Culburra Mixed Use Subdivision SSD 3846 Stormwater Quality Response to UNSW WRL Review Cardno Review
Culburra Beach 600 Part 2
Mapping UDP
Shoalhaven_Economy_Employment_LGA wide
Speaking Notes public meeting
State Significant DAs and Planning Proposal Comparison Map
West Culburra_Council comments_Growth Management Strategy
Culburra Beach 600 Economic Analysis Part 1
59919014 Rev1 WestCulburra WQ Peer Review 20180810
Dr Tong Ltr to IPC re water
Information from the Applicant
IPC ltr 21092018 21092018
John Toon
Letter to Dr Tong_West Culburra
Ltr to Dr Tong West Culburra
Martens Associates IPC Water Quality briefing
Site visit itinerary
West Culburra Plans tabled at the Applicant briefing 19 July 2018
Letter to DPE_West Culburra_180718
Ltr to IPC 7 August 2018
Further response West Culburra Concept Proposal SSD 3846
West Culburra Concept Proposal SSD 3846
Meeting with Applicant Record_West Culburra Concept Proposal
Meeting with Council Record_West Culburra
Meeting with Department Record_West Culburra Concept Proposal
Meeting with Jerrinja LALC Record
West Culburra Concept Proposal site visit record
Public Meeting Notice
Public Meeting Schedule
Updated Meeting Schedule 24 July 2018
Registration Form
Register IPC Conflicts
20180730IPCAPS Comments on EAR
57 Support Form Letters
Alan Burrows
Alan Liebert
Alan Pendleton OAM
Alan Wright
Albert Judith Martin
Alix Goodwin
Ann Sudmalis MP
Annita Liebert
Applicant Speaking Notes West Culburra
BA Goodwin
Barry Manning
Brian Muller
Carolyn Hansen
Cerin Loane
Chris Quinlan
Culburra Presentation
Dawn John Rogers
Deb Zaia
Deb Zaia 2
Deb Zaia 3
Deb Zaia 4
Deb Zaia Videopdf
Debra Little
Dr John Anderson
Dr Robert Tong AM
Dr Trevor Smith
Elizabeth Mullins
Elly Kopytko
Gail ORegan
Georg Straesser
Grant ORegan
Gwen Verdun
Illawarra Birders
Jack Kerr
Jacky Lawes
James Morton
Jan Donney
Jan Martin
JeanPaul Maulguet
Jenifer John Della Torre
Jill Collis
Joan Lesley Turner
John Anderson
John Anderson 2
John Castellan
John Macathur
John Wright
Julie Gauci
Kae Sullivan
Karyn Knowles
Kerry Darcovich
Kirsten Pichler
Kirsten Pichler 2
Lake Wollumboola Protection Association Inc
Lake Wollumboola Protection Association Inc (2)
Lake Wollumboola Protection Association Photos_Part1
Lake Wollumboola Protection Association Photos_Part2
Lawrence Nash
Leanne Sullivan Barbara McKenna
Lester Radford
Liz Genford
Lucy Robertson
Luke Hill
Maggie Cooper
Margaret Mauro Di Nicola
Matt Philpott
Matthew Hill
Maureen Webb
Melinda Bilbey
Meron Wilson
Merrilyn Helliwell
Michael Hill
Narelle Wright
Neil Wallace
Nick Garner
Norman Webb
Patricia Kerr
Paul Carol Lynch
Paul Godsell
Peter Dwyer
Peter Hill
Peter Stevens
Rachel Hill
Ray Sutton
Rhiannon Smith
Richard Kopytko
Robert Cheadle
Robert Hill
Robert Martin
Robert Rego
Robert Shimmen
Robert Smith
Ross Munro
Ruth Griffiths
Shane Fox
Shoalhaven City Council
Stephen Collis
Suzanne Blinkhorn
Suzanne Hill
Suzanne McCarthy
Teagan Collis
Terese Cheadle
The Little Snapper Restaurant and Bar
Thomas Hill
Thomas Kaar
Thompson Family
Tony Taranto
Yasmin Bowers
Matt Philpott
Name withheld
Phil Costello


Date and time
11:30 PM Tue 24 July 2018
Culburra Bowling Club
Cnr Prince Edward Avenue & West Crescent Culburra Beach NSW 2540
Aaron Brown 02 9383 2112

The meeting will be open to the public to observe the proceedings, 

however if you would like to apply to speak at the meeting you must register before 5 pm on 20th July 2018, by:

Completing the Registration Form and emailing it to We will then notify you if your request to speak has been accepted.  

Because we know some people find public speaking trying, and there will be others who cannot attend on the day, we will accept written comments up to one week after the public meeting. Written comments are weighed the same as spoken presentations.

For further details, please see the Notice for the Public meeting.

From 1 March 2018, the Commission is legislatively required to publish an audio recording or written transcript of public meetings. This meeting will be recorded, with a written transcript published on the Commission's website. Personal information will be managed in accordance with the Commission's Privacy Statement.

Any updates about the meeting will be published on this webpage and will be emailed to registered speakers before the meeting.

If you have any questions about the public meeting process or Commission's role with the project, please contact the officer assisting the Commission, Alana Jelfs (02) 9383 2100

Date and time

Anyone wishing to access the transcript of this meeting must read and agree to the following disclaimer:

This recording is made publicly available, as required by, and in accordance with clause 25 of Schedule 2 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act.  Any views expressed by persons who presented to the Commission at this meeting, are not the views of the Commission or any of its employees.

To confirm that you have read the disclaimer and to view the transcript click here.

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