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Using this online form is the easiest way to have your say on a State Significant Development or Modification application that has been referred to the Independent Planning Commission for determination. Simply select the case you wish to comment on from the dropdown ‘Project’ box below, complete the form and then hit the ‘Submit’ button. If the case you are interested in is not listed in the Project box, it means the Commission is not presently accepting written submissions in relation to that matter.

The Commission invites interested parties (including stakeholders and members of the public) to make any submission they consider appropriate. The Commission is particularly assisted however by submissions that are responsive to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s Assessment Report and recommended conditions of consent.

The Commission has available to it all submissions already made to the Department during exhibition of the Environmental Impact Statement and members of the public are encouraged to avoid duplication of submissions they have already made on the application.

The Commission also notes that there are factors that, by law, it is not permitted to take into account in making a determination and submissions on such topics cannot be taken into consideration. These factors include matters such as the reputation of the applicant or any past planning law breaches by the applicant.



In accordance with our Privacy Statement, when you submit your written comments using the form below, you can request that your name and location are not published by checking the relevant boxes.

Please be aware, however, that if you choose to upload files containing your personal information, these files will be published in full – including any personal information which you have chosen to include in these files. Files that you have uploaded that contain your personal details will NOT be redacted before they are published on the Commission’s website. 

For more information about how the Commission manages your information, please see our Privacy Statement.

Your written comment or statement will not be published if it the Commission deems it offensive, threatening, defamatory or otherwise inappropriate.

The Commission is not the author of submissions and does not check the accuracy of the content of any submissions received. The views expressed in submissions that are published on this website are not the view of the Commission, Commission Members or the Office of the Independent Planning Commission.  


Submission form

Please note that there is a 10,000-character limit in the ‘Submission’ form below. If you wish to provide more information, you can ‘Upload a Document’ below. Again, please ensure that your personal information is removed from files before you upload them. The Commission will NOT redact personal information from files before publication.

Use Ctrl+click to select multiple items

Use Ctrl+click to select multiple items

Upload a Document

You can upload up to 3 files. The uploaded file must be in pdf, docx, jpg or xls format. (Maximum file size is 20mb)

Note: Due to security reasons the browser will reset the files if the form is submitted with error.