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An Application for a Gateway Certificate has been made to the Mining and Petroleum Gateway Panel (MPGP) by Cadia Holdings Pty Limited. The Applicant is proposing to seek changes to the tailings storage facility embankment footprints which will involve the disturbance of Biophysical Strategic Agricultural Land.

Reference number
Case Category
Mining and Petroleum Gateway Panel
Page last updated
Commissioner (Panel Chair)
Professor Neal Menzies
Other Commissioners
Clinton Foster, Hugh Middlemis
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Case Status: Advice finalised
Referral received: 18/05/2023

Key Dates

18 May 2023
Referral received
16 Aug 2023
Advice finalised


230816 Cadia Valley Operations Conditional Gateway Certificate Report
230816 Cadia Valley Operations Conditional Gateway Certificate
DPE Water advice on behalf of the Minister for Water_Redacted
Request Minister for Water Advice
IESC advice to MPGP
Minister Plibersek acceptance of IESC referral_Redacted
MPGP request for IESC advice Redacted
Appendix 1 Agricultural Resources
Appendix 2 Agricultural Impact Assessment
Appendix 3 Groundwater Review
Gateway Application Technical Overview
Gateway Application_20230518030745
230630 Cadia Valley Operations Modification 15 Gateway Certificate Application Drone FootageRedacte
Cadia Valley Operations Drone Footage
230526Conflict of Interest RegisterCadia Valley Operations Gateway Application


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