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Commissioner (Panel Chair)
Peter Cochrane
Other Commissioners
Geoff Sharrock
Planning Officer
Brad James
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Case Status: Determined - Approved
Referral received: 28/05/2020


Chain Valley Colliery MOD 3 Instrument of Modification
Chain Valley Colliery MOD 3 SSD 5465 and Mannering Colliery MOD 5 MP0611 Statement of Reasons
Mannering Colliery MOD 5 Instrument of Modification
200603 Statement from Commission Public Comment
DPIE Letter of Referral
DPIE Final Assessment Report
CVC Mod 3 Instrument of Modification
MC Mod 5 Instrument of Modification
190930 IN NPWS Landowners Consent
200602 IN Applicant comments to the Department_Redacted
200623 OUT Department re Conditions
200624 IN Department response to the Commission
200611 Site Inspection Notes
Macquarie Shores_Redacted


Date and time
3:00 AM Thu 18 June 2020

The Commission now invites interested individuals and/or groups to have their say on the projects by way of written submission.

You can submit your comments in writing up until 5pm AEST on 17 June 2020 via:


POST:                    Independent Planning Commission NSW

                               Level 3, 201 Elizabeth Street

                               SYDNEY NSW 2000.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Commission on (02) 9383 2100.

Public Submissions

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We recognise the importance of community participation in our decision-making process. Using our ‘Make a submission’ form is the easiest way for you to make a submission on cases currently before the Commission.