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Case Category
Mining and Petroleum Gateway Panel
Page last updated
Chair of Panel
Neal Menzies
Other Panel Members
Hugh Middlemis, Clinton Foster
Planning Officer
Casey Joshua
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Case Status: Advice finalised
Referral received: 17/08/2021

Key Dates


211115_Tomingley Conditional Gateway Certificate
211115_Tomingley Gateway Certificate Report
Gateway Application Form
Gateway Certificate Application Report August 2021
Draft Groundwater Assessment
Hydrology and Hydraulics Technical Report 27092021
Surface Water EIS Report received 27092021
Tomingley Groundwater Assessment 02092021
Appendix Contents 1 and 2
Appendix 3 AIS
Appendix 4 BSAL
211014_Tomingley IESC Advice Final
211101_Tomingley Minister Pavey Advice_Complete_Redacted


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